Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coming Out: AJ Bryce

Coming Out: AJ Bryce from Amanda Stevens on Vimeo.

Adelaid Windsom aka Geppetta

This is Adelaid Windsome performing at the Women's Center in Albany, NY on Sunday September 19th. This performance was part of the 2010 Trans Fusions Tour which features an assortment of transgender performance artists. She performs under the name Geppetta, as her expertise is in being a puppeteer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sassafras Lowrey @ Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Center Center

Sassafrass Lowery is the editor and contributing writer of the anthology Kicked Out. Kicked Out is anthology collecting the stories of homeless and formerly homeless LGBT people, with a focus on LGBT youth. She recently did a book reading at the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Albany. This is a recording of her sharing an exert from her contribution to Kicked Out.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Twitter Smitter Tweeter

Twitter. You may not know how it works, where the bloody hell it came from, or why it is so damn popular but there is one thing you can't ignore. It has invaded your news. We aren't even getting into the realm of entertainment news. That at least makes sense. Celebrities are all about narcissism, so why wouldn't they want you know to about every second of their day. I mean, I can't wait to hear about Paris Hilton going to Starbucks, can't you?

But no, I am talking about how it has leaked into my news. Maybe you have seen it. You go to turn on CNN and there, along side the ticker, is a reminder to follow CNN on Twitter. I mean, there is a real application to the use of Twitter. The spread of news is instantaneous and boiled down. Less room for spin. But, in exchange there is more room for dribble. I mean lets look at CNN's Twitter. They are all boiled down headlines with links to their home site.

That is cool I guess. Except for the whole fact that a lot of users operate their Twitter via cell phone and not everyone can go to that link. But I guess it works. I don't see the useful this that way. I'd prefer seeing some bylines to be honest. You can fit a good amount of information and it makes that 140 character limit.

There should be some acknowledgment that Twitter is in its baby stage as a news outlet. So, it is understandable that organizes aren't sure how to use it right. Or effective. Or maybe...not at all. 

Path to Casual and Top Deck Hero Announcement

Hey folks, I wanted to direct your attention to separate endeavor I have joined up with. I may have mentioned this in passing, but I am really into Magic: The Gathering. Its a collectible card game that you can play against people and it is something I have been doing for a huge portion of my life. A while back during the summer I saw on Twitter that someone I followed was looking for writers for an MTG site he was starting. I jumped on the chance and now, 4 months later, a site has appeared. It's called Top Deck Hero and it is a tips and tricks strategy site for all things MTG. Whether you're interested in casual play, tournament strategy, deck building, or MTG Online, there is something for you. Even new players will be able to enjoy the site, as that is part of my article; Path to Casual. I hope all of you who support me here on Back on the Street will also support me over there as well. I will be posting links to my new articles at Top Deck Hero, but here is the site link.

Batteries not included

Things have been a little weird of sorts lately. I have all these ideas I want to get out and when I come to the keyboard to type it all out, it does worse than vanish. It turns into mindless dribble. I have millions of thoughts and I feel like there is a chain reaction in my mind when I type. They just collide into each other and explode. And what's left isn't really worth writing. This is the problem I am facing and the cause of new posting. However, there is good news and while this blog has never really touched on my personal life, I think exceptions can be made and this may become a common thing for the blog. Well, I currently have a wonderful girl friend and I wonder if the torrent of emotions I have for her are the cause of the torrent in my mind. We'll find out soon enough I guess. I can say with her around there has been a new stream of of energy in me. More positive than before and a little warmer. It has done wonders for my school work and little for the blog. I could just be I need to figure out a way to harness it. But that is neither here nor there. I just wanted to stop in and tell you all everything is alright. The blog hasn't died yet. Neither have I.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am not dead, just better

So I apologize for the month and a half absence folks. Trust me,it was as much of a downer to me as it probably was to those of you who actually take the time to read my blog. But it was unavoidable. Mainly when you consider the fact that I worked in around 60 hours a week this summer. Yeah, sounds oh so fun doesn't it. Well, that is all in the past now. I figured now was as good as any time to tell you about a few upcoming changes to the content appearing on Back on the Street.