Welcome. Come one, come all. You are now at my first attempt at a daily blog. Over the years I have made many attempts to make such a thing work. All of these attempts have failed. But, hey, third try is a charm. Right?

So who the hell am I? My name is Amanda. I am a Journalism Major at SUNY Albany with a minor in English. I am an avid follower of politics, write poetry, tend to rant, and happen to like to talk to people. I used to be a copy editor for Nassau Community College's Vignette and I am currently a contributing(staff?) writer for my school's paper known as the Albany Student Press. The end of the Spring 2010 semester marks the end of my first semester as a field reporter for Albany Student Television(ATV). Hopefully, I will continue that position until I graduate from SUNY Albany, but who knows.

I can be a tad bit nerdy. I play tons of video games, am decently versed in D&D, like to talk about physics and the possibility of making an EMP grenade, and avidly play Magic the Gathering. I watch more anime than I'd like to admit and most of the literature I like is either manga or comic books. But I am still a huge book nerd. Oh, and movie buff.

Shoot. I forgot to mention something. Well, it is only a minor detail. I am transsexual. Male to female, pre-operation. I got all the original nuts and bolts some higher power, hopefully of Norse origin, gave to me. At least the sexual nuts and bolts. The jury is still out on the mental ones. I am pretty active in local LGBT activism. In 2009, I was the press intern for the North East LGBT Conference hosted at my school. I am involved at my school's Pride Alliance and have dipped my hand into a few diversity based groups on campus.

Ok, so we covered me. What about this blog? There is going to be a lot of topics covered here. You might find un-published articles or even time lost articles. You'll find my super secret MTG deck tech. Interviews with indie artists and everyday people. Photos from concert outtings and my FRP segments. You just never know. In the earliest days of the blog, things will be chaotic. Hopefully, I will find a schedule. Until then, just hang on for the ride.

Listed below are various ways for any of you to contact me and find me on other places on the web.

Instant Messaging
AIM: Rattra1095
MSN: Lkrouser@hotmail.com
Yahoo Messenger: Saintbeast66